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Frequently Asked Questions

The use of botanical oils in the bedroom dates all the way back to ancient civilizations. Certain plant-based oils have aphrodisiac properties that can help stimulate arousal, promote relaxation, foster emotional balance, and more. 

Today, we have perfected the blending of these sexual oils to provide you with empowering combinations of sexual massage oils and arousal serums. These sexual oils contribute to a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual journey, both alone and with a partner. Whether you are looking to enhance your libido, experience new sensations, or simply relax and enjoy sex a little bit more, there is a thoughtfully blended intimacy product for you. 

Our sexual oils are a fan-favorite addition to our line of clean and inclusive sexual wellness products at Bloomi. Keep reading to learn more about our collection, which includes our unmatched sexual oils, massage oils, and arousal serums, as well as intimate washes and moisturizers.

Sensual pleasure oil can transform your sexual journey while aiding in an enhanced healthy sexual connection within yourself and with a partner. 

At Bloomi, our top-rated Desire Sensual Pleasure Oil is designed to increase the amount of bodily fluids that your body produces. By promoting blood flow and increasing arousal, your body naturally produces its own lubrication more easily. Desire is a clean, feel-good stimulating formula to increase pleasure before and during intimate moments. This sensual pleasure oil contains naturally-sourced oils and compounds that have soothing, moisturizing, and stimulating properties. Our formula is crafted with 8 mindfully-chosen natural aphrodisiacs that will leave your intimate areas metaphorically drooling.

To use our sensual pleasure oil, simply apply 2-4 pumps to intimate skin a few minutes before intimacy and enjoy. Desire can be used in any intimate areas such as the clitoris, vulva or penis, inner thighs or lower abdomen. Although this sexual wellness product is intended for external use, customers have reported enhanced sexual experiences while using it internally as well.

While both may have relaxing properties, there are some differences between massage oil and pleasure and arousal oil. Massage oils are designed for massage therapy and are specially blended to promote deep relaxation without the stimulating or invigorating effects that pleasure and arousal oils may have. 

Bloomi’s massage oils contain a consciously-crafted blend of botanical oils that have the power to unlock new levels of relaxation and leave your body ultra-moisturized.  At Bloomi, you have options when it comes to clean and natural massage oils. 

Our Relax Body and Massage Oil is a clean massage oil featuring lavender aromatherapy, while our Luxe Massage Oil is blended with full-spectrum hemp extract that provides a luxurious slip and a relaxing aroma during body massages. Our massage oils can double as an everyday moisturizing total-body oil, whereas our arousal oils are specifically designed for intimate skin before sex.

Now that we have an understanding of what an arousal oil is, let’s talk about arousal serum. 

The most notable difference between the two is their base, and inherently, their compatibility with other sexual wellness products, as well as their rate of absorption.  

Arousal serums are most often water-based, making them compatible with a wider variety of intimacy products. Additionally, they can absorb more quickly into the skin. This can be great for those who may benefit from the stimulating effects of arousal products, but use latex contraceptives or prefer an easier cleanup. Arousal oils, on the other hand, are oil-based and absorb more slowly into your skin. This increases the longevity of any easy-glide action that arousal products can provide. 

Similar to arousal oil, the purpose of an arousal serum is to intensify sexual responses and stimulate pleasure by increasing blood flow to intimate areas. This increase in pleasure contributes to an increase in natural lubrication, which is especially beneficial for those struggling with low libido or hormonal changes that tend to result in dryness during sex. Arousal serums can be used during solo play or with a partner to intensify any sexual experience.

Bloomi's pH-balanced arousal serum is delicately blended with a distinct combination of natural ingredients that target your senses and take pleasure to new levels. Ignite a profound connection between the mind and body during those intimate moments with our arousal serum. 

Our Luxe Arousal Serum is a clean, water-based formula made with plant-derived ingredients that help increase pleasure before and during intimate moments. Plus, it features organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) that can help decrease any discomfort and increase relaxation during sex - helping you reach a better orgasm, faster.

Can I use Bloomi’s sensual oils and serums with condoms?

Any oil-based intimacy products, including our sensual oils, should be avoided when using condoms during sex. If you are using condoms during sex, it is best to prioritize pleasure and protection and opt for water-based arousal serums.

Can I use Bloomi’s sensual oils and serums with silicone sex toys?

Similar to when having sex with condoms, if you’re using silicone sex toys, it is best to use water-based sensual serums to protect the integrity of your silicone vibrators, plugs, and other silicone or rubber sex toys. Oil-based sensual oils, over time, can degrade silicone and create a texture that harbors bacteria.

What are the main ingredients that are used in the arousal oils and serums?

Rest assured that each and every ingredient in all of our sexual wellness products serves a purpose. No fillers, additives, or funky stuff - ever. At Bloomi, we acknowledge the equal importance of sexual wellness and clean products. We have formulated arousal oils and serums that not only make you feel good but are actually good for you as well. Here are some highlights from our arousal oils and serums ingredient lists:

  • Organic Ginseng Extract: Known to increase libido and promote sexual wellness.
  • Ashwagandha Extract: Traditionally been used as a stress reduction and hormone balancer but also offers an increase in sexual function.
  • Shatavari Extract: Traditionally been used to increase lubrication and satisfaction in women and to support reproductive health.
  • Cinnamon Bark Oil: Added for warmth and stimulation.
  • Ginger Root Oil: Improves circulation while increasing sensitivity and promoting arousal.

What is the best massage oil for sexual play?

Thanks to its inclusion of full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD), our Luxe Massage Oil ranks at the top of the list for the best massage oil for sexual play. 

CBD can be incredibly beneficial during intimate moments because it has the ability to reduce stress, increase feelings of relaxation, and decrease any anxiety surrounding sexual encounters. Did someone say foreplay? We did. Heat up your foreplay with our Luxe Massage Oil. 

Most people don't know that CBD also has a vasodilatory effect, which stimulates blood flow and improves circulation. Blood flow is one of the most important factors in experiencing sexual pleasure. CBD also holds potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can decrease any discomfort during sexual intercourse. 

Additionally, CBD possesses the ability to interact with our body's regulatory system, called the endocannabinoid system. This system involves many bodily functions, including sexual function. CBD has the potential to foster a deeper mind-body connection through the support of this system. As our minds and bodies connect, we can experience a more profound sexual experience. 

For the best combo for foreplay and sex, The Luxe Bundle features both a CBD massage oil and an invigorating arousal oil. 

Are arousal oils and serums safe to use frequently?

While a patch test is always recommended before extensive use of any intimacy product, arousal oils and serums are perfectly safe to use frequently as long as there are no sensitivities to any of their ingredients. Speaking of sensitivity, frequent use of these intimacy products is not thought to decrease any intimate sensitivity or make your body dependent on the aid to achieve orgasm. 

Are Bloomi’s sexual oils and serums only meant for women? 

Bloomi is proud to have created sexual oils and serums perfect for women, men, and all genders. We are firm believers that sexual health should not be bound to any gender constraints and that sexual wellness products should be inclusive of every body on the gender spectrum. All genders can also enjoy our Cleanse Intimate Skin Foaming Wash and Nourish Intimate Skin Moisturizer which are both perfect additions to your sexual wellness routines. 

If you're looking for the most natural approaches to sexual enhancers, you can count on Bloomi’s products to include only plant-derived ingredients. We hold the only Clean Standard in the industry, prioritizing your health just as much as you do. We believe that toxins and irritants have no place near your intimate areas, ever.


“By normalizing conversations around sex, Bloomi empowers individuals to embrace their sexuality."

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