Link Flexible Handcuffs
Link Flexible Handcuffs
Link Flexible Handcuffs
Link Flexible Handcuffs
Link Flexible Handcuffs
Link Flexible Handcuffs
Link Flexible Handcuffs
Link Flexible Handcuffs

Link Flexible Handcuffs

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Link is a set of flexible handcuffs for restraint and bondage play. This easy-to-use kink accessory fits comfortably on your wrists and folds in half for compact travel. Get ready to create playful and adventurous moments. 

Explore our product guides for sexologist-approved tips on how to use this intimate essential. Build an intimate routine with the Essentials Bundle featuring all of our essentials.

Product Features

  • Made with soft medical-grade silicone
  • One size, stretchy 
  • Easy to clean, waterproof, and travel-friendly
  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • 2" Diameter x 7" L (3.5" when folded in half)

Box Includes

  • Discreet storage bag

Made with soft and stretchy medical-grade silicone.

Place one hand into each loop.

2" Diameter x 7" L (3.5" when folded in half)

Bloomi has the only expert-developed Clean Standard in the industry, to ensure toxic ingredients don't touch your intimate areas.

Our plant-based formulas are developed without intimate skin allergens such as glycerin, gluten, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances.

Our devices are designed with non-toxic materials such as medical-grade silicone and stainless steel.

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Link is a set of flexible handcuffs designed for beginner restraint and bondage play. It is an easy-to-use kink accessory that fits comfortably on your wrists and can fold in half for compact travel. Get ready to create playful and adventurous moments.

You can use Link in multiple ways:

Common Restraint - Place one hand into each loop. You can practice placing and removing them on your own.

Wrap Around - Wrap Link around a bedrail or a similar surface then place one hand into each loop.

One-Hand Tie - If you prefer just one hand restrained, try this. Take one end of Link and wrap it around a bedrail or similar surface securing it firmly in place. Insert one hand through the loop.

Bloomi's Link Flexible Handcuffs are thoughtfully crafted out of top-notch medical-grade silicone, just like all of Bloomi's non-toxic sex toys.

We are dedicated to delivering not only pleasurable experiences but also bringing you products that prioritize safety above everything else. As the exclusive holder of the only expert-developed Clean Standard in the industry, we take pride in ensuring that the products that are good to you are also good for you.

Rest easy knowing that our commitment to your well-being means that we never, ever include parabens, phthalates, or any toxic materials that could irritate your intimate areas.

This soft and stretchy silicone toy is meticulously designed with your body and health in mind. So indulge in pure pleasure, knowing that you're in the best of hands with Bloomi.

To keep your silicone handcuffs clean and fresh, we recommend washing Link before and after each use to prevent any unwanted bacteria buildup. We want to make sure that every intimate moment is not only pleasure-filled but also hygienic.

Using unscented soap, like Cleanse, and plain warm water is the best way to properly clean a silicone sex toy. Once you're done washing your silicone sex toy, be sure to let it dry fully before safely folding and tucking it away until next time.

By taking care of your sex toys, you're not only increasing their longevity but, more importantly, taking care of your own health and safety. Playtime is much more fun knowing that your sex toys are always clean, safe, and ready for use.

Is this silicone sex toy flexible?

Yes, Link is a soft and flexible silicone handcuff designed or ease of use.

Does Bloomi offer discreet packaging for their sex toys?

At Bloomi, we acknowledge and respect that personal pleasure is, well, personal. We understand that how you choose to engage in self-pleasure or participate with your partner is entirely your own business. We offer discreet packaging for all of our sex toys so that your private time remains just that - private. Sexual pleasure is a personal journey, and we want to empower you to keep it on the down low if that's your preference.

However, because we recognize that personal pleasure is a natural and beautiful part of life, we also applaud open conversations about sexual well-being. Don't hesitate to rave about your new favorite sex toy with trusted friends or partners. We encourage a supportive and inclusive community where knowledge can be exchanged.

So, whether you choose to keep your intimate time on the down low or share your sexual discoveries with others, Bloomi has your back. Feel empowered by your sexual journey, knowing that we respect your privacy and celebrate your choices.

What kind of warranty is available with this silicone vibrator?

Bloomi offers a one-year warranty on all of our sex toys. We want our customers to know that in the unlikely event of a defect with any of our products, they are guaranteed a hassle-free replacement or refund. This warranty is intended to give you peace of mind and demonstrate Bloomi's commitment to satisfying our customers by promising the quality of our products, or we'll make it right.

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