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Rebecca Alvarez Story

Sexologist & Co-Founder

A marketplace for clean sexual wellness & self-care

What if you had access to a personal Sexologist for all your intimacy and wellness needs? Our founder, Rebecca set out to provide just that for everyone. Her vision for Bloomi is to be a community-inspired marketplace that helps people to live healthier and more satisfying lives.

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  • "Bloomi, the first online multi-brand marketplace for intimacy to revolutionize the sexual wellness category."
  • "[So she decided to start a brand] that would curate clean sexual wellness products and also be an educational resource for all things intimacy."
  • “Bloomi, a digital marketplace for clean hygiene and sex products. One convenient location for shopping and learning about all things intimacy.”
  • “Bloomi is pro-inclusivity, pro-choice, pro-sex positivity.”
  • “I used Bloomi’s Arousal Oil to turn myself on and it worked in 5 minutes flat.”
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