Clean intimate care.

Bloomi is a trusted BIPOC and sexologist-led wellness destination that provides inclusive sexual education and self-care resources, and offers clean intimate health products.

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Our Clean Standard

Based on academic research and thorough partnerships with top sexual wellness experts, Bloomi created the only Clean Standard in the industry that educates consumers on ingredient toxicity and potential health risks. Bloomi maintains an official banned list of ingredients and less than 2% of products reviewed for the marketplace meet the standard.

Our Resident Sexologist

Bloomi was co-founded and is led by Rebecca,  a nationally respected Sexologist, who was inspired to start Bloomi after studying sexual wellness at UC Berkeley. Growing up Latinx, she rarely had conversations about sex and intimacy which led to confusion, lack of confidence and poor product decisions. After thousands of sessions with clients, she launched Bloomi to be a destination for expert-approved intimate care products and sexual wellness education.