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Bloomi Featured at Forbes, Give Your Partner A Sexy Gift For Mother's Day

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Of course, not all moms, particularly new moms, will want to have sex on Mother’s Day. “Intimacy can mean lots of different things,” Rebecca Story, founder of intimate care marketplace the Bloomi, tells Refinery29, adding that, particularly for pregnant moms-to-beand new moms, focusing on other kinds of intimacy — like massages and conversations without the kids involved — can be a better choice.
Here, we’ve chosen some of the best gifts to make sure your partner has a sexy Mother’s Day — maybe she’ll invite you to join in on the fun.

This pH-balanced, glycerin-free lube is versatile: it can be used with sex toys or for partnered sex, with or without a condom. Plus, it smells like lemon and vanilla.
Good Clean Love Water-Based Lubricant, $14.50, available at The Bloomi.