Bloomi Featured at Cosmopolitan, 16 Best Menstrual Cups for Literally Every Body Type

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A menstrual cup – a small rubbery cup you insert into your vagina like a tampon — is an environmentally friendly tampon-alternative that is growing in popularity. Because cups don't soak up period blood, but instead hold it until you're ready to dump it out, they can store way more liquid.

If you've always wanted to try a menstrual cup but don't know where to start! Have no fear! If You Want a Cup Packaged With Recycled Materials? If you’re looking to get a menstrual cup with as little environmental impact as possible, invest in an Organicup Menstrual cup.

The actual menstrual cup is made with medical-grade silicone like many other brands, but the packaging and cotton carrying case are extra-eco friendly. The cotton bag is unbleached, and the packaging is made from recycled materials.

Organicup Menstrual Cup, BLOOMI, $28