Bloomi Featured at Bustle, 7 Weird Things That Improve The Chemistry In Your Relationship

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It's commonly believed that chemistry is something you either have with someone else or you don't. But as experts like Dr. Venessa Marie Perry, founder and chief relationship strategist at LoveWrite tells Bustle, it's not always that simple.

"In some cases it is, but in others chemistry has to be cultivated," she says. If you're worried about the chemistry in your relationship, there are some interesting and unconventional things you can do to improve it.

Scheduling time for sex may not seem like the sexiest thing you can do for your relationship. But as Rebecca Alvarez Story, sexual wellness expert and CEO and founder of Bloomi, tells Bustle, it can improve the likelihood of impromptu sex over time.

"If you haven’t been having it regularly, it can feel daunting to get the ball rolling again," Story says. "Making an effort to keep sex as part of your weekly routine helps build and maintain momentum."

Scheduling sex also build anticipation and the good type of tension you want in your relationship.