Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum
Luxe Arousal Serum

Luxe Arousal Serum

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Sensual Pleasure Serum 

Luxe Arousal Serum is a clean, water-based formula made with plant-derived ingredients that help increase pleasure before and during intimate moments.

  • Clean formula made with USDA-certified organic ingredients and free from synthetics
  • Made with organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract (CBD)
  • Compatible with latex and silicone materials
  • pH-balanced 4.2-4.8
Due to the use of organic ingredients, the hue of the product received may be different than in the images.

Purified Water, Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Extract*, Sodium Benzoate, Organic Panax Ginseng Extract*, Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) Extract, Asparagus Racemosus (Shatavari) Extract, (Ginger) Root Extract, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose Gum, Zingiber Officinale, Sodium Hyaluronate, Potassium Sorbate, Lycium Barbarum Extract, Citric Acid, Inulin, Organic Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Bark Oil*

*Organic ingredient

Apply 2-4 pumps topically to intimate skin a few minutes before intimacy and enjoy. Compatible with latex and silicone materials.


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Whether you're familiar with the world of sexual wellness products or just starting your sexual wellness journey, an arousal serum like our Luxe Arousal Serum should be part of your sexual health products collection.

An arousal serum is designed to awaken your sexual responses and increase pleasure by increasing the blood flow to your intimate areas. The increase in pleasure can lead to an increase in wetness which can be beneficial during sexual activity. It is especially helpful for anyone experiencing a struggle with their libido or hormonal changes that may cause dryness during sex. Arousal gels can be used solo or with a partner to intensify any sexual experience.

Bloomi's pH-balanced arousal serum is created using a unique blend of all-natural ingredients to stimulate your senses and bring you to a heightened state of pleasure and a deeper connection between your mind and body during intimacy.

In a world of sexual wellness products for women, Bloomi strives to be more inclusive. Our natural arousal serum is mindfully crafted to be used by individuals with a vagina or a penis. Our arousal gel can safely be used by men or women and will intensify pleasure for all genders.

The natural ingredients in our Luxe Arousal Serum are thoughtfully combined to increase blood flow and awaken nerve endings for individuals with a penis to experience a warm tingly sensation that can help with an erection just as much as it helps individuals with a vagina experience increased wetness and pleasure.

We suggest applying Bloomi's natural arousal serum conservatively for all genders, as everybody has different sensitivity levels.

The natural ingredients used in our natural stimulating serum consist of herbs used for centuries as sexual wellness aids. Herbs included are. . .

~ Organic Ginseng Extract - known to increase libido and promote sexual wellness
~ Ashwagandha Extract - traditionally been used as a stress reduction and hormone balancer but also offers an increase in sexual function
~ Shatavari Extract - Traditionally been used to increase lubrication and satisfaction in women and to support reproductive health

Other ingredients, such as Organic cinnamon bark oil and Ginger root extract, are added for their warm and stimulating properties. Ginger root extract also improves circulation while increasing sensitivity and promoting arousal.

What makes Bloomi's Luxe Arousal Serum different from many other arousal gels on the market is our inclusion of Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Extract. This extract contains cannabinoids, including CBD.

These are just a couple of ingredient highlights, but rest assured that each and every ingredient in Desire, and all of our sexual wellness products, serves a purpose. No fillers, additives, or funky stuff - ever. At Bloomi, we acknowledge the equal importance of sexual wellness and clean products. We have formulated arousal serums that not only make you feel good but are actually good for you as well.

Thanks to its relaxing properties, CBD has been commonly incorporated into holistic medicine for years. Still, its inclusion in the sexual wellness realm in the form of CBD arousal products is relatively new.

CBD is most well known to reduce stress, increase feelings of relaxation, and decrease anxiety - which can all be incredibly beneficial during intimate moments. Many people don't know that CBD also has a vasodilatory effect, which stimulates blood flow and improves circulation. Blood flow is one of the most important factors in experiencing sexual pleasure. CBD also holds potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can decrease any discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Additionally, CBD possesses the ability to interact with our body's regulatory system, called the endocannabinoid system. This system involves many bodily functions, including sexual function. CBD has the potential to foster a deeper mind-body connection through the support of this system. As our minds and bodies connect, we can experience a more profound sexual experience.

CBD could be the key that unlocks the potential to experience sex without holding back.

- What's the difference between an arousal serum like this and a personal lubricant?
While arousal serums like our Luxe Arousal Serum can certainly be used as a personal lubricant, there are some stark differences between arousal gel and a traditional lubricant like Smooth Water-Based Personal Lubricant or Delight Oil-Based Personal Lubricant.

These lubricants reduce friction and ease penetration during intercourse. At the same time, arousal serum has the additional benefit of actually increasing the female body's natural lubrication as it provides a warm and tingly sensation. The natural aphrodisiacs in arousal serum are included to heighten your sensory perception and increase pleasure.

- How can a sensual serum help with menopausal dryness or vaginal dryness associated with other elements?
Sensual serum can greatly improve the drying effects of menopause or other elements that may cause vaginal dryness. Ingredients like Ginseng extract, Shatavari extract, and Sodium Hyaluronate go far beyond acting as lubrication and promote the production of your vagina's natural lubricants. Ashwagandha extract has been used for centuries in cultures all around the world. It is known to balance female hormone levels and improve sexual function, which indirectly helps individuals struggling with vaginal dryness. The combination of natural ingredients in Bloomi's arousal serum can assist in consistently improving your natural lubrication levels, not only during intercourse.

- Can I use this arousal serum with condoms?
Because this arousal serum is water-based, it can safely be used with latex condoms. Other oil-based lubricants and serums can degrade latex materials, making them ineffective.

- Can I use this arousal serum with silicone sex toys?
Bloomi's arousal serum is also compatible with silicone sex toys. It is important to only use water-based lubricants and serums like Luxe Arousal Serum with silicone sex toys, as oils can degrade the materials. Additionally, water-based sexual wellness products will also keep your silicone sex toys and silicone vibrators easy to clean, which makes them safer for use. To clean your silicone sex toys, try Cleanse Intimate Skin Foaming Wash.

- Are stimulating serums safe to use frequently?
Stimulating serums like our Luxe Arousal Serum which are made with all-natural herbal aphrodisiacs, are safe to use as frequently as you would like. Negative site reactions are very rare, but our advice is to start slow when introducing arousal gel into your sexual routines. Apply 2-4 pumps topically to intimate skin such as your clitoris, vulva, penis, nipples, or anus a few minutes before sex and enjoy its benefits throughout your session. Feel free to re-apply as necessary and experiment with volume and areas of placement.

- What makes the Luxe Arousal Serum different from Bloomi's Luxe Arousal Oil or Desire Sensual Pleasure Oil?
At Bloomi, we offer a collection of stimulating intimacy products, including this Luxe Arousal Serum, as well as our Luxe Arousal Oil and our Desire Sensual Pleasure Oil. While they all make for an excellent addition to your sexual treasure boxes, there are some differences. Our Luxe arousal serum is our only stimulating product that contains the addition of CBD.

Additionally, Luxe Arousal Serum is our only stimulating sexual wellness product that is water-based, which means it's safe for use with latex condoms and silicone sex toys.

- Are Bloomi's arousal serums only meant for women?
Bloomi has created natural arousal serums perfect for women, men, and all genders. Sexual wellness is not bound to any gender constraints, so we believe that sexual wellness products should be inclusive of everybody on the gender spectrum. All genders can also enjoy our silicone sex toys for women and men, our Relax Body and Massage Oil and Luxe Massage Oil, and any of our sexual health products. If you're looking for the best sexual wellness products, you can count on Bloomi to provide you with natural, plant-derivative ingredients. We hold the only Clean Standard in the industry, prioritizing your health just as much as you do. We believe that toxins and irritants have no place near your intimate areas, ever.

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"Bloomi is a clean, intimate care brand designed for all bodies and founded by a sexologist. They make highly-rated sexual wellness products that reviewers love."

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Veronica M.
United States United States

Didn’t work

Unfortunately it didn’t do anything at all for me. Frustrating to spend the money and find that it doesn’t do anything more than plain lube.



Hey Morrison, Do you mind emailing us to share what issues you had? We would like to do our best to provide a solution and information :) We appreciate and value all feedback and hope to grow from it! -The BloomiTeam :)

United States United States


I had been waiting for this product to be back in stock for awhile, & when it finally was, I ordered it. It took awhile to get to me, but I have it now & have tried it a few times. I'm not impressed. It gets sticky which makes things less enjoyable. I was hoping it would give me the same sensations as the arousal oil, but better, & that just wasn't the case. :(



Our Luxe line is meant to be more potent. Were you able to use the instructions as a guideline for best use: Apply 2-4 pumps topically to intimate skin a few minutes before intimacy and enjoy. Compatible with latex and silicone materials. Please reach out to use for further assistance I would be happy to help you out further and sure there is not an issue with your serum.

William T.
United States United States

Didn't think it was as good as other arousal products that we received. Not the results we expected.



Hey William, We appreciate and value all feedback and hope to grow from it! Please feel free to email us directly for better assistance :) -The Bloomi Team -The BloomiTeam :)

United States United States

Works Well :)

I bought this because on a high daily dose of Prozac. It actually works. Used it twice solo so far, and probably will become a staple for me. Nice luxurious feeling serum, definitely let it absorb for a couple minutes prior to (and note this is not lube, soaks into the skin). Brings blood flow to that region of the body. I’m impressed :)

United States United States


Pleasure satisfaction, thank you