• Lust Sex Board Game - Lust - The Bloomi
  • Lust Sex Board Game - Lust - The Bloomi

Lust Sex Board Game


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Sex board game

Looking for a fun game for two? Lust is a game for lovers that allows them to explore intimacy and sexual fantasies together. Move around the game board, land on various icons and select cards that have players act out various romantic and sexually teasing acts with each other.

The first to reach Lust! at the end of the path initiates the love-making techniques on the prized "Love-Making" cards you both collect, making everyone a winner in this game! 

Designed for two players. Cards depict heterosexual, cis-gendered, able-bodied illustrations, however, you can remove cards that don't work for you before you start the game for a better fit.

Bilingual: comes in English and Spanish.