The Bloomi Story

Sexuality Expert and future founder of the Bloomi, Rebecca Alvarez Story always questioned the ingredients of intimate care products. For example, she sought out products that claimed to have ingredients that were ‘pH balanced’ and designed for ‘sensitive skin’ but didn’t understand why she struggled with adverse affects (e.g., pH imbalance, dryness) of harsh washes for years.

This concern increased in 2016 when multiple women in her family became diagnosed with breast cancer; her mother was diagnosed and her aunt passed away within months of each other. During this time, Rebecca set out to understand which specific ingredients were beneficial versus toxic for women to get rid of anything that was potentially harmful.

She shocked to find out about toxic ingredients that are added to intimate care products to make them smell ‘fresh’ or last longer on the shelf.  Vulvas and vaginas absorb these toxic ingredients at a high rate compared to the rest of the skin, so the impact is substantial.

She shared her concerns with Matt, her fiancé at the time. Combining his marketing experience building brands with her in-depth knowledge of sexuality products, the couple realized that most of us don’t understand the impact of product ingredients. They both agreed that there was a need for a brand to step in to help.

After supporting her mother back to good health, Rebecca decided it was time to create a community for women that was a trusted source of toxic-free intimate care products that wouldn’t throw off their pH, cause infections or make them sick. The couple then began to build a team that would create this community to inspire women to learn, share and grow so they can ultimately reach a healthy lifestyle with a fulfilling sexual life. And from there, The Bloomi emerged with a mission to…

Inspire women to be the CEO of their body.


The Bloomi is the first marketplace to focus on clean intimate care products.