The Intimate Care Revolution

Your Guide to Better Intimate Care and Sexual Wellness

15 minute read

Better intimacy starts here.

We need intimacy in order to survive and feel good. Yet, our systems for learning about intimacy and sex in the US are flawed or non-existent. Therefore as adults, many of us feel confused or have little confidence in navigating topics around intimacy, self-love, and sexual experiences.

The purpose of this report is to unveil the truth and shed light on the intimate care industry: how products are created, how it directly impacts your health, how to maximize your own intimate wellness while remaining a savvy, conscious consumer.

With love,
Rebecca & Julie

What you'll discover.

Intimate Stats and Trends

Up and Coming Sex Educators to Follow

Reliable Expert Content

Tips on How to Improve your Sexual Wellness

Ingredients that Should Never Touch your Body

New Clean Products and Services