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Rose Essential Oil


Erbaviva Rose (Rosa damascena) Essential Oil

Size: 1ml

Source: Bulgaria

Rose essential oil also has a very pleasant aroma and is primarily known for its emotionally uplifting properties. It’s a great oil to use when you want to build intimacy or increase your sex drive; it is considered an aphrodisiac as it has been shown to improve sexual function (higher sexual desire, orgasm and satisfaction).

It is also great to use a few days before getting your period because it alleviates PMS symptoms. Some people report it also helps them with concentration.  This bottle is tiny but packs a punch --just a few drops in your diffuser creates an invigorating aroma in your entire room

Bloomi Approved:
  • 100% pure organic essential oil
  • Therapeutic grade
  • Steam distilled method
  • Source is verified

Note: Use with caution during pregnancy. Not for babies. Avoid during and after consumption of alcohol.