The 5 Things Men Should be Doing for Women’s Health

It may sound obvious but women’s health is an important topic for all of us. As a son of a mother, husband to a wife and father to a daughter, I have countless reasons to not only care but to support the health of women. It’s a large part of why I was 100% in my support of starting the Bloomi with my wife, Rebecca. 

While others may share my same interest and rationale, it’s not always clear of what we can do to be supportive. From our lack of knowledge to the general awkwardness of the topics we haven’t experienced firsthand, it can be easier to just avoid talking about women’s health. But there are simple actions that we can, and more importantly should, be doing to take a more active role in the lives of our loved ones. These are my five recommendations for men:

Hear Their Concerns

In most areas of our lives, we are thought of as problem solvers and likely think we are pretty good at it. Those skills aren’t as relevant here as our loved ones are usually asking us to first listen to hear their concerns. We may not be able to solve the health issues they encounter, but it’s helpful to be aware and sensitive to their concerns.

Be Present

Go to appointments. Go to the pharmacy. Go to get the products. We should be there for the good, the bad and everything in between. Our active participation shows the prioritization we are making.

Prepare for Intimacy

Many of our partner’s intimate care irritations and pH imbalances can be caused by our semen, a lack of cleaning or poor cleanser choices before becoming intimate. We should be using the healthy products (fragrance-free, non-toxic, and pH balanced) on all of our body parts that come into contact with our partner’s intimate areas.

Maintain our Health

Our health is the one thing we can’t afford to not invest in and it is much easier to maintain good health than it is to regain health after any issues or setbacks. We must ensure we are in good health ourselves to ensure we have the energy and strength to support the health of all of our loved ones. Also, as stated in the Multi-Orgasmic couple book, ‘our sexual health will be a reflection of our general health’.

Ask Questions

After we’ve heard their concerns, remained present throughout the process and done our part to maintain good health, we need to ask questions. Many of us just assume everything is OK if nothing is brought to our attention, but it shouldn’t be up to our wives, mothers and daughters to raise topics with us. We should be asking questions and following up on those answers when appropriate.

I’m sure there are many other things we can do but this should be a good start for those of you looking to do your part to support the health of women in your life.



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