Love Fall: 10 Seasonal Activities for Amigas and Amores

Fall is a great time for festive dates! The weather is mostly temperate, so you can still be outside comfortably and with holidays around the corner, many cities have festivals or public activities to celebrate. Here are 10 pleasurable fall activities perfect for some amiga bonding time or your partner!


1. Pumpkin patch

If you’re lucky enough to live near farmlands, or you can find one a short drive away, find a pumpkin patch nearby. Hunt for the best pumpkin and save the seeds for a tasty antioxidant-rich snack![i]


    2. Cider tasting

    Beer is often associated with autumn but give cider a chance for a sweeter alternative. Served warm or chilled, cider is gluten free, high in vitamin C, and less likely to cause inflammation like beer does. [ii] Find a local brewery to schedule a tasting.


      3. Football game

      Getting outside to cheer on your local team can be invigorating! Find a local college game for a cheaper alternative or make snacks and have a romantic viewing from the comfort of your couch.


        4. Apple picking

        It is now prime apple season. Find a local orchard and schedule a time to pick some fresh apples. You and your partner will get some fresh air, mild exercise, and reap the rewards of your labor by making some caramel apples or apple pie (or if you’re too tired, simple slices with peanut butter are a classic).


          5. Scenic hike

          Now is the perfect time to enjoy a leisurely hike in cooler weather. Pack a thermos of hot cider and enjoy the crisp fall air and the color-changing foliage. Getting lost in nature can nourish your soul and will allow you to take in the beauty of the greens, yellows and reds.


            6. Haunted Tour/House

            As Halloween approaches, many spooky options will be popping up. Check out a local haunted house or go on a ghost hunting tour. The excitement will bond you and getting a little scared may be good for you.[iii]


              7. Farmer’s Market

              Explore the freshest options from your local farmers. Take home some ingredients to make an in-season meal like a hearty veggie chili or sweet potato hash!


                8. Fall Festival

                Look up a local calendar to see what types of festivals are in your area right now. Typically you’ll find something for Oktoberfest, a state fair, or Halloween themed outdoor activities. Take advantage of these inexpensive (or free!) public activities.


                  9. Camping

                  Right now is the perfect time to squeeze in a final camping trip. Enjoy a crisp night in a tent or a romantic bonfire under the stars.


                  10. Quick vacation

                  Autumn is one of the “off-seasons” for travel to many locations, typically because kids are back in school and the weather is cooling down. Take advantage of some lower flight and lodging prices and enjoy shorter lines.



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