Gift Ideas for our Feminist Friends

Tis the season of gift giving and all of us are looking for that perfect idea for our favorite friends that support equality, female businesses and really appreciate creative gifts representing their values. For 2018, The Bloomi put together a guide for those patriarchy-smashing friends to make your holiday shopping a breeze.

  • 1. The Bloomi Holiday Box

  • $29.99

    It’s no surprise that most of our progressive, eco-friendly, organic-loving friends are making the switch to clean products. For the 2018 holiday season, we are offering a limited edition Holiday Box, perfect for introducing friends to some healthy sex products.

    2. Hija de tu Madre Oversized Jackets


    Looking to channel a festive Latinx spirit with a fashionable, cultural statement piece? Hija de tu Madre celebrates the beauty of being Latinx via clothing art inspired by cultural crossroads. The founder, Patti Delgado, brings you a collection of oversized, vintage silhouette jackets perfect for layering or dressing up. The most popular, the distressed denim jacket, is a must-have.


  • 3. Fancy Intimate Skin Moisturizer

  • $46.00

    What’s better than a female-founded botanical vulva moisturizer? Nothing in our opinion. Lady Suite is a rejuvenating blend of organic and naturally-derived botanical oils uniquely created to help keep vulva skin healthy and resilient. We also love that comes in a fancy bottle.

  • 4. Inspirational Coloring Book

  • $20.00

    Inspired by her two younger sisters, Simone Hufana, created Color HerStory, an educational and interactive coloring book that focuses on influential and successful women of color. Each page has an inspiring story of a woman that provides valuable representation and empowerment for young girls and women.

  • 5. Vital Voices Swag at Target

  • $12.99

    For the past 20 years, Vital Voices has invested in fearless women leader ides by partnering and funding their work to bring them to reality. Target is now supporting them by offering a limited-time collection of tops and sweaters with their inspirational taglines including “I am a vital voice”, “Be courageous” and “Use your power to empower”.

  • 6. Vibrator Necklace

  • $62.00

    Help your friend promote sex-positivity with this foreplay jewelry. Founded by another badass woman, Ti Chang, they can wear Crave jewelry throughout the day and naturally help increase sexual desire leading up to what should be a eventful evening.

  • 7. Non-Toxic Lipsticks

  • $15.00

    As a love letter to women everywhere, Elise Kennedy, creator of Honey & Vinegar, crafted a clean makeup line that works. Their liquid lip colors are known for being high-performance and high-pigment at an affordable price point. Check out their collection for a color that lasts all day for your friend that has something to say and wants to look bold doing it.

  • 8. Michelle Obama’s Book

  • $32.50

    Michelle Obama. Best-selling hardcover book of 2018. Need we say more?

  • 9. Super Mama Shirt

  • $10.00

    Super Mamas is a podcast series and online community that connects and empowers women through their mamahood journey. Introduce your mommy friend to a new podcast series through their ‘super mama’ swag that they will be able to wear as a proud mama.

  • 10. Donate to a Cause They Love

  • Any amount

    Nothing says “I get you” more than supporting friends’ passions. If you are strapped on time or want to give a non-tangible gift, consider donating to a cause your friend loves. Some of our favorites include: Girls Inc, Planned Parenthood and Project Glimmer.

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