4 Natural Aphrodisiacs That Will Improve Your Sex Life, According to a Sexologist

"Think of botanical aphrodisiacs as sexual wellness fuel for the body. Each plant has its own chemical makeup (like DNA) that can impact several regions of the body and brain. In fact, some essential oils can cross the blood-brain barrier (only about 2% of pharmaceutical medicines can do this) and can therefore more directly interact with brain cells to elevate mood or desires..."

Damina (Tunera Aphrodisiaca) - I first heard of Damiana as a child when my parents would order tropical drinks in Mexico with it—go parents! Damiana is an ancient Mayan aphrodisiac native to Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Several studies show that it can promote circulation and increase libido. It has also been shown to be anxiolytic, which means it helps reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms, so it is a great option to help you shake off sexual anxiety or jitters. Besides a tropical damiana drink on vacation, you can enjoy this beauty by using a few drops of essential oil in the diffuser, adding a few dried leaves to your tea, or—probably my favorite method—by using topical products, like this Bloomi Arousal Oil, in erogenous zones."


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